Make a meaningful difference to emissions with metaverse solutions

By Peter Gould, CEO of RendezVerse Hotel and event venue scouting is currently an inefficient, outdated, and disconnected journey. When considering venues on an international scale, a journey is precisely what venue scouting becomes, involving costly and time-consuming travel, which is a drain on the event planner and the planet. Sustainability awareness is undoubtedly on […]

RendezVerse Project Update

November 2022 It’s been a busy couple of months, from new products and platforms to events attended and in the pipeline, full steam ahead.  Where to begin? First up and for the eagle eyed, you will have noticed a new website, updated as we head into a new phase with sales on the agenda. With a […]

RendezVerse announces seed funding round to support its £30 million revenue goal

The investment will help the MaaS platform bring the corporate metaverse to the $1T+ hotel and events industry. RendezVerse, the first metaverse as a Service (MaaS) platform for the hotel and events industry, today announces it is raising funds in a seed round to secure £7.5m to scale its platform. RendezVerse is designed specifically for […]

RendezVerse Project Update at TFEST

September 2022 Welcome to October and our update on all things RendezVerse. At the time of writing the team is in Dubai at TFEST, the new age trade show that brings together the world’s most influential buyers and sellers in luxury travel and as such is the perfect platform to showcase some major updates in […]

Are 50% of Over 100 Million Global Site Inspections a Waste of Time?

RendezVerse COO, Mark Brown Interview by Kathy Gibbons, Michigan Meetings and Events “Pre-pandemic in 2019, we estimate there were over 10 million site inspections globally, and probably at least 50 percent of them were a total waste of time,” says Mark Brown, chief operating officer of RendezVerse. “You know what it’s like if you’re looking […]

Is Your Business Metaverse-Ready?

By RendezVerse CEO, Peter Gould The long awaited New Normal brings with it challenges and changes that are having immediate and profound effects on business. Many industries were affected by lockdowns, and the world moved online. Corporate events, exhibitions and conferences became less immersive and many were left longing for the buzz of pre-pandemic events. […]

RendezVerse Project Update

August 2022 Where has the year gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were imagining an alternative and A.I. powered future for trade shows, conferences and corporate events. Since then, RendezVerse has evolved significantly as the team honed in on how it could best transform the outdated systems that have, for too long, plagued […]

The Metaverse’s Impact on the Travel and Hospitality Industry

By RV Strategic Advisor, Michael Cohen The Metaverse and the Travel and Hospitality industry are ideally aligned and have the potential together to deliver powerful utility, engagement and value to the guest/passenger’s experience. The global travel and hospitality industry is absolutely a greenfield opportunity for Metaverse platforms and technology, primed for scale and expansion, specific […]

Metaverse — Fad or Future?

Conference and Meetings World reporter Oliver Thomas interview with RendezVerse CEO, Peter Gould. Oliver Thomas (OT): Give us a short overview of what the RendezVerse is and how it serves event organisers? Peter Gould (PG): “RendezVerse is a metaverse service platform. It brings together venues with event organisers. It serves as a discovery tool for […]

Why the metaverse is more than a game for next-level hospitality

By Peter Gould, CEO, RendezVerse as featured in Hotel Owner Whilst shrouded in a cloud of consumer hype, it’s difficult for businesses, particularly in the hotel and hospitality sectors, to see the incredible opportunity the metaverse presents. Hoteliers are ambitious, driven, intelligent people so why is the hospitality industry forever the last to join the […]