Making virtual
the new reality for hotels and venues

  • Save time, money and the environment
  • A new and immersive way to pre-experience a venue
  • The future of hotel metaverses is here, now

More site inspections

Complete more site tours, with less staff.

Rendezverse platform

The feeling of being truly present with your participants.

Leverage 360 images

Connect your existing 360 tours and create your own private metaverse experience in just 48hrs.

Our industry's site selection process is outdated

In their search for perfection, event planners shortlist multiple venues to visit and consider, meaning the majority of site tours fail to convert into a confirmed booking. The harsh reality of this is that every year, there are tens of millions of flights, rail and car journeys, utility costs, administration hours and ultimately, opportunities – wasted. Spelling bad news for your business, your staff and the environment.


100M physical site inspections annually.


Time wasted by venues and event planners.


Over half a billion tonnes Co2 emitted per year – enough to power 90m homes.

The Rendezverse solution

To help our industry transition to Net-Zero and improve efficiency, our solution provides a simple-to-use technology platform, allowing hoteliers to reduce physical site inspections, use less staff, yet still exceed revenue goals.

RendezVerse eliminates the hassle of traditional pre-event venue selection workflows.

Imagine only hosting physical site inspections with prospects you know want to do business. Or receiving a booking based purely on a virtual tour because the experience was immersive and lifelike enough to instil total confidence in your prospect.


By providing an immersive virtual experience, you replicate a true feeling of presence. Clients feel present in your venue and you share that space just as you would in real life.

Demand generation

Sales pipeline looking low? Subscribe to our demand generation service and we will introduce you to buyers on our platform that can place business with your venue.


RendezVerse makes it easy to meet in your virtual venue. Accessible across all devices (mobile, desktop and VR headset), everyone is invited with our no device left behind policy.

Rendezverse platform overview

The RendezVerse platform allows you to meet prospects inside your space’s existing 360-degree tours or full CGI digital twins. Guests can join the meeting using the RendezVerse app on their mobile, tablet or desktop. For a totally immersive and shared experience, guests can insert their phone into a low-cost headset enclosure or use a VR headset.

Next generation meta site inspection app

Showcase your metaverse venue with anyone anywhere 

Centralised site inspection workflows

Your metaverse twin enabled to host virtual / hybrid events

What people are saying

Amazing! RendezVerse has definitely overcome our expectations. The immersive side is incredible, you definitely feel the different aspects of the space, length, colours, depth and height.”
David Ghossein
Director of Sales & Marketing
Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center
It was so unbelievably cool just how realistic everything was. We could rearrange the set-ups of the conference rooms and create totally different experiences. It was probably one of the coolest things that I’ve done metaverse-wise this summer.”
Nicolette Harper
Vice-President, Global Marketing and Media, Marriott International
The demo was brilliant! I wasn’t sure what to expect in the metaverse but was so surprised by how immersive the experience is! Also extremely impressed by how personalised the product can be and of course how quickly it will develop.”
Hannah Phoenix
Atlantis The Palm Dubai