Matterport Scans

Rendezverse now offers Matterport scans as an affordable and efficient way to digitize spaces, alongside our VR and digital twin solutions. This creates an accurate 3D representation for enhanced experiences and seamless integration with more advanced services. 

Join us in transforming spaces with immersive technology and prepare for a digital future with Rendezverse.

These can also be used as a quick onboard for a 360 digital twin or a fully customisable Meta Twin

Example of a Matterport scan

Matterport Pro3D

Rendezverse use the Matterport Pro3D, a professional-grade 3D camera that captures high-quality 3D images of indoor spaces. Benefits include improved communication, time and cost savings, versatility, and high-quality 3D imaging.

It is a cost-effective and versatile tool suitable for various industries, including real estate, construction, and interior design. Rendezverse offer bespoke scanning services across the UK and UAE


Create high-quality, interactive digital twins of any space

Provide virtual tours for remote clients and customers

Enhance property listings with immersive 3D visuals

Streamline event planning with 3D venue models

Conduct remote inspections and assessments

Boost customer engagement and retention


Matterport technology can benefit a range of industries, including

Real Estate

Create virtual property tours and enhance listings with immersive 3D visuals


Showcase hotels, resorts, and event spaces with interactive digital twins


Streamline project management and improve collaboration with 3D scans of worksites


Enhance online shopping experiences with 3D product models and virtual showrooms


Conduct remote inspections and assessments with high-quality, detailed digital twins

And so much more...

Maximize outcomes

using Matterport digital twins


Boost sales by 14% through inspiring a greater number of customers to visit your property


Slash travel time and costs by 50% by eliminating the need for physical site visits


Enhance productivity with 30% faster project completion time, enabled by team access to the property anytime and from anywhere


Promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions by 16%, by eliminating the necessity of car and plane travel.

Easy introduction

to Matterport scans

Initial Consultation

Schedule a call with our experts to discuss your space, objectives, and the benefits of Matterport scans for your specific needs

On-site Scanning

Our professional scanning team will visit your location and capture high-quality 3D scans using advanced Matterport technology


We'll optimize your 3D scans, create virtual walkthroughs, and add interactive elements such as tags, labels, and multimedia content to enhance the user experience

Integration & Delivery

We'll provide you with an easily embeddable link or a custom-branded app, allowing you to showcase your space on your website, social media, and other digital platforms.

Future Proofing

As your space evolves, Rendezverse is here to support updates and modifications to your Matterport scans

Additionally, we offer a seamless transition to more advanced solutions, such as virtual reality and digital twin technologies, only when you're ready to take the next step.

To get started with Rendezverse's Matterport scanning services, simply schedule a consultation with our team by clicking the link below.

Artec Leo 3D scanner

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our capabilities by incorporating the state-of-the-art Artec Leo 3D scanner into our scanning process.

This revolutionary scanner allows us to provide you with unparalleled accuracy, detail, and efficiency in capturing your space.

Here are some key features and benefits of using Artec Leo for your 3D scanning needs:

Unmatched Accuracy & Detail

Artec Leo captures high-resolution 3D scans with stunning detail, ensuring that your space is represented with the utmost precision.

Real-Time Visualization

With Artec Leo's onboard real-time processing, you can visualize your 3D scans as they are captured, allowing for immediate feedback and adjustments.

Wireless Scanning

Artec Leo's wireless operation and ergonomic design enable our scanning team to efficiently capture hard-to-reach areas and navigate complex spaces with ease

High-Speed Capture

The Artec Leo scanner quickly captures comprehensive data, reducing the time spent on-site and minimizing disruptions to your daily operations


Artec Leo's adaptability allows us to scan various environments and objects, including large spaces, intricate details, and delicate artifacts

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