RendezVerse is the first Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) platform designed specifically for hospitality venues. It provides an easy way for venue sales teams to get started with meta-visualising their business processes. RendezVerse comprises four key experiences: RV 360, RV Xplore, RV Central, and RV Events.

RV 360 allows users to connect to the RendezVerse platform using the 360-degree photography they already have. This makes it easy to get started without having to create new visuals from scratch.
RV Central provides an enterprise workflow for multi-property groups. Simplifying organisation processes for large hospitality companies to manage their multiple properties in a centralised way.
RV Xplore uses CGI technology to create meta twins that can be manipulated and gamified for different situations. This makes it easy to create unique experiences that will engage and entertain guests.
RV Events allows venues to extend their venue offering with hybrid and virtual events. This means that venues can still host virtual events, even when physical gatherings are not possible.