Enterprise features allow ownership groups and chains to centralise their site inspection pre-sales process. RV Central allows its customers to win more business, better reward their sales team and solve staff shortages using RendezVerse technology. Coming Q3 2023.

Centralised site inspection workflows

Distributed Sales Teams

RV Central is the perfect solution for companies that want to improve their site inspection sales conversions. Ownership groups and chains can achieve better sales conversions with significantly fewer staff. With a centralised application that manages the site inspection process and sales staff located remotely. RV Central allows its users to win more business, better manage their sales team and solve staff shortages.

Scheduling requests

Rule-based allocation of tours.


Connections to your existing apps.


Game changing insights on performance.

2023 Q3 - RV Central


Whilst the final stage of clinching a booking may require an onsite representative hosting a real-world site inspection, preliminary viewings with RendezVerse site inspections can be achieved by remote professionals working in a central office or remotely.
By setting up a centralised function to host prospects in a metaverse site inspection, ownership groups and chains can achieve better sales conversions on physical site inspections with significantly fewer staff.


  • Allocate incoming requests to next available sales rep or property specific sales rep
  • Reassign sales reps if availability changes
  • Integration with sales rep calendar
  • Integration with your CRM applications
  • Record meetings for training purposes
  • Meeting transcripts emailed and/or populated into CRM
  • Analytics available