Offer your customers fully interactive digital twins of your meeting and conference spaces for their events. The option to flex the attendee numbers beyond your physical limits opens up a new world of opportunities.

Your metaverse twin enabled to host virtual / hybrid events

The new normal

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of online meetings and the development of virtual event platforms. It is now accepted that we do not always have to meet face-to-face. Metaverse technology allows you to make people feel as if they have left their workplace and joined a physical event.


Offer extra capacity and event backup.


Attendees that can’t attend can feel present through VR/AR.


Metaverse events are a chargeable value add.

2024 - RV Events


RV Events is the meetings industry solution that allows actual on-site events to be fully metavised.

There are several use cases where this technology will come into its own. For example, a trendy exhibition sells out of space, resulting in lost revenue for the organiser. With RV Events, you can extend the exhibition floor plan into your metaverse, creating as much space as needed. Real life attendees need only to put on a headset to access exhibitors in metaverse stands and interact with stall holders as if in real life (IRL).

Hybrid and virtual events are also ideal for people with mobility needs or as a workaround should a significant travel disruption prevent in-person attendance. The hardware that will make this vision a reality is the development of lightweight Augmented Reality eyewear with the projection of realistic avatars into real and digital spaces.


  • Support AR/VR for almost IRL experience
  • Support 2D devices
  • Virtual events
  • Hybrid events
  • NFT enabled
  • Event management and registration workflow
  • Exhibitor tools for stand management