Allowing event planners and organisers to explore your venue in a deeply immersive experience like never before. Show different and changeable scenes, explore virtual spaces and interact as per the real world.

Showcase your metaverse venue with anyone anywhere 


CGI models that allow full-immersion site inspections. Users can add in-tour gamification to take the inspection experience to the next level of realism. Meta-data overlays provide rich information about the spaces in real-time. Recreate meta-tour pathways that replicate your real-life tours, step by step.

Meta Twins

CGI venue replicas in the metaverse.


Tools allow you to create custom layouts.


Create pre-recorded tours for prospects.


In Web2.0, your hub is your website. But in Web3.0, your centre will be your corporate metaverse. Like a website, there is a lifecycle. Hotels and venues will start by building out twins of their most profitable spaces that are sold person to person. Over time, whole buildings will be metavised. It is now possible to enable a ‘head-up’ display where RV Xplore can impart rich, meaningful data at the right moment. If a prospect looks at the ceiling, the height in metres can appear. Or if the visitor asks, “where are the power points?” they can be highlighted by a halo temporarily. A simple glance around the room can intelligently answer your questions.
Recording site tours provides an excellent opportunity for training new staff and coaching more experienced team members. Transcripts and analytics allow for analysis over time to improve the whole team’s performance. There will be many opportunities to add value to events and guest experiences. Guests may visit rooms with their families to discuss as part of the reservation journey. Once a booking is confirmed, the hotel can provide an immersive pre-arrival experience using our Reels feature. We look forward to hearing all the fantastic ideas for in-app experiences that our customers will ask us to build.


  • Custom built to replicate spaces to the smallest detail
  • End user tools to create & save custom layouts
  • Inventory store for your furniture & accessories
  • Insert video and images to personalise individual site inspections
  • Intuitive in-tour controls to manage the experience
  • Tours can be recorded and saved for training
  • Transcriptions provided
  • Includes RV 360 features