RendezVerse Project Update at TFEST

September 2022

Welcome to October and our update on all things RendezVerse. At the time of writing the team is in Dubai at TFEST, the new age trade show that brings together the world’s most influential buyers and sellers in luxury travel and as such is the perfect platform to showcase some major updates in our ever evolving landscape.

TFEST is an event like no other with a concept that puts humans first and business second for a new standard in networking. Held at the Atlantis, Dubai, one of RV’s development partners, TFEST represents the pinnacle of luxury with an educated audience to deliver extremely advantageous feedback.

So what‘s on display at TFEST?

RV Guided Tour:

From Dubai to Paris via Munich and Madrid, RendezVerse can take you anywhere, at any time, allowing for more efficiency while saving your most valuable of resources including time, money and the planet.

Filmed inside RendezVerse, join COO, Mark Brown as he takes you through a tour of what the meetings and events industry will become.

RV Mobile App:

TFEST will see the first iteration of the RendezVerse Mobile App allowing guests to visit any number of given scenes either in a headset enclosure or simply on their screen in stunning detail. This opens RendezVerse to the masses as we await advances in the wearables market.

Web3.0 — A Deep Dive with Spencer Tarring:

Web3.0 is a buzz word you’ve most likely heard many times over. But what exactly is it? And more importantly, how will it affect us? Spencer Tarring will discuss the implications of the new immersive ‘internet’ experience beginning to infiltrate our daily lives, and how we can leverage it to drive growth in the travel sector.


RV360 is the next generation virtual site inspection app for hotels, event spaces and their clients. Using a VR headset or the RV360 mobile app and headset enclosure, the meeting participants can interact as they would in a real-world setting.


  • Site inspection app using 360 photography
  • Transform 360 assets into 4d tours
  • 4th dimension presence
  • Fully immersive, hosted site inspections
  • VR headset, Mobile VR or flat screen
  • Low cost entry to VR tours
  • Private access or open 24/7
  • Be virtually present in any location

RV Xplore:

Allowing event planners and organisers to explore your venue in a deeply immersive experience like never before. Show different and changeable scenes, explore virtual spaces and interact as per the real world.


  • Digital twins of venues
  • Digitised models of spaces
  • Upload videos and presentations
  • Host multiple attendees
  • Create unlimited room setups
  • Gamify areas
  • Be virtually present in any location
  • Fully customisable

The future of the meetings and events industry is here. Are you ready?

That’s it for this month, as always stay in touch via our channels below: