RendezVerse Project Update

June 2022

It’s been a busy few months at RV HQ and past time for a complete update on progress. Evolution is a more fitting word as with every step comes new learning and inspiration as to what our pocket of Cyber Space could become.

Why are we doing this, who will benefit, what do they need? All these questions have been facinatingly thought provoking while generating intriguing possibilities.

We have a lot to update you on including:

  • Evolution of RV Tools
  • Launch & future events
  • RV in the press & public feedback
  • What’s next?


Let’s begin with the current RV Tools, what are they and more importantly why they matter? To do that lets remember what RendezVerse will become;

The virtual community for hotels, venues and events, RV will allow users to discover and be virtually present in any given venue or bespoke meeting place and eventually conferences or events.

RV Discover:

Evolving from our learnings, RV Discover is our most recent development which now sits at the beginning of the RV process. Having defined the other tools we realised that there is no current, central directory of venues for buyer professionals to access. That changes now, RV Discover will allow any venue to list their products and services including 360 degree photography, and eventually links to their virtual twins, in an efficient and searchable format. Looking for a ballroom to cater for 300 guests with equivalent room capacity and a wellness centre in New York? Type in the keywords and your options will be delivered. Sounds simple right? The best ideas often are, they just haven’t been created yet.


Evolving from RV Xplore, RV360 allows clients to interact with their host in a virtual environment created with 360 degree photography. Sure, 360 has been around for a while but never before could you actually meet someone inside it. You’re face to face with none of the Zoom fatigue of current times. RV360 allows venues to enhance their offerings at a reduced cost and in a considerably quicker time frame, a great first step on the virtual ladder.

RV Xplore:

The jewel in the RV Tools crown, RV Xplore is creating digital twins or ‘Meta Models’ of any desired location. What’s more it is completely transformable allowing elements such as decor to change at the touch of a button. Once again, business professionals are able to interact as in the real world and, we’ll say it again, be present with each other. Think of the benefits here, a significant reduction in business travel, tremendous savings in time and money and a significant reduction of carbon emissions. Site visits will never be the same again.

RV Podium:

RV Podium is where the RendezVerse vision began as we imagined taking trade shows and conferences into the metaverse. This is still the goal, however we have deduced that it begins with a more streamlined approach for immediate demand. RV Podium builds digital twins of meeting and conference spaces allowing planners to reach a global audience. This then offers the opportunity of a hybrid event allowing real world and virtual versions to run in real time. Conference fully booked? Not a problem, you can attend and interact from the comfort of your home or office.

All of the RV Tools are well underway, with more in the pipeline, this is a reality. Can venues afford to be left behind? The opportunities are all there, ready to suit any budget, which one will they choose? Time will tell.

With the RV Tools explained let’s move onto current progress and reception.

RV Partners


We received immediate support from the industry, leading to partnerships with hotel heavyweights Marriott, Hilton, IHG and leading independents. We have digital twins of a selection of their properties well underway, first look available on our YouTube Channel, and the enquiries are flooding in with Anantara Amsterdam and Accor recently confirmed.

But how has the technology been received I hear you ask? Thanks to our partnership with Worldwide Events, leaders in B2B hospitality, we have attended two of their flagship events, more to follow, with resounding success as well as constructive feedback that inspires us to further R&D.

RV Events


m&i Forum, Seville:

Invited by m&i Forums, (Worldwide Events) we introduced RV to a highly targeted b2b audience resulting in an empowering stamp of approval, across the board.

m&i are the leaders in b2b face to face meetings so to receive the overwhelming support that we did is no mean feat. Together we advance in the journey to build the community necessary for the future of RendezVerse.

IMEX, Frankfurt:

The next stop was Frankfurt and IMEX, touted as the heartbeat of the global business community. Hosting a significantly broader audience than Seville, we were once again delighted with the positive reception from the IMEX contingent. The team were engaged in three solid days of demonstrations and networking resulting in significant leads which are now being followed up.

RV Press

Media Response:

What has also been extremely encouraging is the intrigue surrounding RendezVerse. When users get to try the technology first hand, they are generally blown away but this is extending further into the mainstream by way of extensive media interest. RV is quickly making itself known across not just the hospitality press but also technology and further afield. Publications from Exhibition News and Hotelier Magazine to 24H TECH and PhocusWire have all featured RV with daily enquiries coming in thick and fast.

Further affirmation that we might just be onto something special.

What’s next?:

No rest for the wicked as we continue to define and optimise our vision with the next milestones just around the corner. The RV platform will launch in Beta in August with a full launch on October 2nd at TFest in Dubai. At that point the main heart of the platform will be operational. We are also working on a virtual guided tour of RendezVerse, which can be viewed on Youtube 360 with a VR headset or on a flat screen allowing anyone to experience RV at their own convenience.

On June 27th we are launching our sales campaign to the meeting and hotel industry, with soft launch sales already in progress. We expect to announce our first paying clients in July.

Keep up to date with all things RV at the links below.