RV Tools by RendezVerse

Removing the obstacles of time and distance for a greener solution.

RendezVerse is the hotel and events metaverse that is building the tools, services and community to remove the obstacles of time, distance and cost delivering the next generation of greener online meetings and events.

Web 3 will transform the way hotels are marketed, how planners choose venues and eventually the way that people meet. Site inspections and hotel selection will soon take place virtually and venues will be selling VR meeting spaces alongside their physical ones, very soon.

How will RendezVerse facilitate the shift toward this inevitable frontier?

Partnering with the world’s leading hoteliers, including Hyatt, Marriott, Four Seasons and IHG, RendezVerse is developing a suite of applications that will rapidly transform the meeting and events landscape.

RV Tools by RendezVerse:

RV Discover, RV360, RV Xplore & RV Podium will allow the events industry to search for venues and be virtually present across the meetings and events landscape. We shall deep dive into each application in future posts so for now here is an overview of what RendezVerse is creating.

RV Discover:

RV Discover is a comprehensive directory allowing venues to register their facilities including 360 photography, tagged for targeted discovery, giving buyers access to prospective spaces for meetings, conferences or events. This directory will enable the RV buyer community to work with forward thinking venue operators whose values are aligned with efficiency and Net Zero.


RV360 is a next generation virtual site inspection app for hotels, venues and their clients. It leverages existing 360-degree VR technology, allowing the interaction of avatars in photorealistic environments offering a quick and easy gateway for meeting and event planners to experience any participating venue.

Using a VR headset or the RV360 mobile app and headset enclosure, the meeting participants can interact as they would in a real-world setting whilst saving time, money and CO2 on their site inspections. RV360 provides a totally immersive experience, during which participants can converse in real-time.

RV Xplore:

RV Xplore creates digital twins of venues allowing event planners and organisers to explore an exact replica of any desired space in a deeply immersive experience like never before. With RV Xplore anyone can experience the room or venue they’ll be using in a true-to-life virtual world. Venues can showcase different scenes, gamify areas and even change decor at the touch of a button.

RV Podium:

RV Podium allows venues to bring their conference and meeting spaces to anyone, anywhere in the world. By building fully interactive digital twins of meeting and conference spaces, event planners are able to reach a global audience. Delegates can engage with each other in real time from the comfort of their home.

So what’s next?

By the end of 2023, RendezVerse will host over 1,000 hotels and several thousand buyers across both the leisure and MICE industries. RV Tools will be the way in which the community are able to access the vast database of participating members and as such will be the go to for meeting and events marketing and planning.

About RendezVerse:

RendezVerse is building a community for the hotel, venue & events industry, bringing together buyers, venues, service providers & event specialists inside directories and digital twins of some of the most iconic venues & hotels in the World. The platform envisages enabling meetings, site visits & eventually events in the metaverse, through the use of VR technology.

Web3 technology has a positive impact on the environment, offering a greener, cost-effective, and time-saving alternative to traditional meeting spaces and business trips.

Some of the world’s largest hotel brands are working with RendezVerse to host their products in the metaverse, including Hyatt, Marriott, IHG, Hilton, and Four Seasons.