Spencer Tarring Acquires RendezVerse

Spencer Tarring Assumes Full Ownership, Setting the Stage for Growth and Expansion

RendezVerse, the cutting-edge platform that brings digital twins to life in virtual reality, is under new ownership. Spencer Tarring, a successful entrepreneur and investor and a 30% shareholder in RendezVerse, has now acquired the full assets of the company from his partner Peter Gould. The acquisition positions RendezVerse for growth and expansion, with Tarring set to invest further in the platform and bring his extensive experience to bear.

“Peter Gould and I have built RendezVerse into a platform with enormous potential, and I’m excited to assume full ownership and take the platform to the next level,” said Spencer Tarring. “I believe that RendezVerse has a unique proposition that can unlock the full potential of digital twins, and I’m committed to investing the necessary resources to make it a reality.”

RendezVerse offers a VR-first platform that allows users to explore digital twins and 360 photography, with space providers able to monetize their spaces through user engagement and data collection. Users can engage with the platform through games and private meetings, with the option to create customized avatars to enhance the user experience.

With Spencer Tarring now assuming full ownership of RendezVerse, the platform is poised for significant growth and expansion. Tarring brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having successfully launched and scaled multiple businesses in various sectors.

“I’m excited to take on this new challenge and to build on the foundation that Peter and I have created,” said Tarring. “RendezVerse has enormous potential, and I’m confident that we can make it a success.”

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from the RendezVerse team.

About RendezVerse:

RendezVerse is a cutting-edge platform that brings digital twins to life in virtual reality. With a VR-first experience, users can explore a variety of digital spaces, including 360 photography and full digital twins. Space providers can monetize their space through user engagement and data collection, while users can engage with the platform through games, private meetings, and customized avatars.

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