RendezVerse is a forward-thinking tech business, looking to utilise the movement towards decentralisation of data on the blockchain, and the integration of Web3.0 into our daily lives. The metaverse and blockchain combined, offer a real opportunity for innovation and process improvement across hospitality and events. The platform has its own token named NGAGE, ready to launch as platform utility develops.

Platform Maturity

As user adoption increases, and RendezVerse expands into other sectors such as real estate, digital events, B2C and virtual events, our NGAGE token will have increased utility and our platform will evolve to incorporate a more complete Web3.0 toolset. Utility will include:


Travel planners are familiar with travel incentives. As blockchain matures, NGAGE token will be the perfect digital world alternative and NGAGE rewards can be linked to existing loyalty programs.


Use NGAGE tokens inside your property, gamify your venue’s metaverse and make for more interesting client experiences.


As the RendezVerse community of venues and event planners grows, we will introduce a tokenised marketplace using the NGAGE token and NFTs within the platform. With increased efficiency in the transactional side of our industry, we have the potential to revolutionize many current outdated practices.